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Build Your Own Omelet


Comes with 1 ingredient, additional items $0.79

Sub Egg Whites +$1.50
Build Your Own Omelet Ingredients (Select 1):Bacon Chorizo Ham Sausage Carnitas Shredded Chicken Carne Asada Cheddar Cheese Monterey Jack Cheese Pepper Jack Cheese Swiss Cheese Mozzarella Cheese Gouda Cheese Gorgonzola Cheese Avocado Bell Pepper Green Chile Jalapeno Mushroom Onion Spinach Tomato Broccoli Cilantro Corn Cauliflower Potato Sweet Potato Tomatillo Green Chile Sauce Ranchero Gravy Hollandaise Queso Sour Cream
Build Your Own Omelet Additional Items:Bacon +$0.69Chorizo +$0.69Ham +$0.69Sausage +$0.69Carnitas +$0.69Shredded Chicken +$0.69Carne Asada +$0.69Cheddar Cheese +$0.69Monterey Jack Cheese +$0.69Pepper Jack Cheese +$0.69Swiss Cheese +$0.69Mozzarella Cheese +$0.69Gouda Cheese +$0.69Gorgonzola Cheese +$0.69Avocado +$0.69Bell Pepper +$0.69Green Chile +$0.69Jalapeno +$0.69Mushroom +$0.69Onion +$0.69Spinach +$0.69Tomato +$0.69Broccoli +$0.69Cilantro +$0.69Corn +$0.69Cauliflower +$0.69Potato +$0.69Sweet Potato +$0.69Tomatillo +$0.69Green Chile Sauce +$0.69Ranchero +$0.69Gravy +$0.69Hollandaise +$0.69Queso +$0.69Sour Cream +$0.69
Breakfast Side (Select 1):Sliced Tomato Hashbrowns Home Fries Toast French Fries Black Bean Cottage Cheese Low-Fat Yogurt English Muffin Grits with Butter Cowboy Beans Mexican Rice
Bread for Toast:White Wheat Rye Sourdough Gluten Free