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Make Burger A Combo!


Choose your burger and drink. Served with fries

Burger for Combo (Select 1):Classic Burger +$10.50Classic Burger with Bacon +$12.50Southwest Burger +$11.50Patty Melt +$11.50Maui Wowie Burger +$12.50Memphis +$12.50Breaksfast Burger +$12.50Two BBQ Sliders +$10.50Two Classic Chicken Sliders +$10.50Two Buffalo Chicken Sliders +$10.50Two Cheese Burger Sliders +$10.50Two PB & J Sliders +$10.50
Burger Temperature (Select 1):Medium Medium Well Well Done
Burger Substitutions (Optional):Impossible Burger +$4Vegan Option +$1.50
Drinks (Select 1):Pepsi Diet Pepsi Tea Hot Tea Orange Juice Apple Juice Pineapple Juice Tomato Juice Cranberry Juice